Vacuum Process Casting

Avocet Sales & Marketing is contracted with the only two foundries is the USA that us the Vacuum Process for casting aluminum. Both Harmony Castings as well as TPi Arcade deliver industry leading quality in production and prototype casting work by using the V-Process. Similar to Sand Casting, the V-Process uses a vacuum to both contain the sand and reduce the amount of air in the cavity of the pattern while the molten aluminum is being poured. The result is a superior casting both in its dimensional stability and its reduced porosity.

Harmony and TPi have a total of 117,000 square feet in computer controlled facilities that house state-of-the-art equipment run by their manufacturing experts. Compared with a typical sand foundry, they produce finer finishes and cast to tighter and more consistent tolerances. The result? An upgrade in quality at a comparable or even lower total cost.

V-Process Aluminum Casting Advantages

Zero Degree Draft

This is a unique feature of the V-PROCESS, which reduces weight and machining

Thin Walls

The V-PROCESS allows wall thickness of 0.125"

Tight Tolerances

The V-PROCESS produces castings approximately twice as accurate as typical sand castings

Unlimited Pattern Life

We guarantee the pattern will last the life of your product

150 RMS Finish

Compared to 250-550 for sand and 200-500 for permanent mold, V-PROCESS offers a considerable advantage

Excellent Casting Integrity

With our automated molding line, the casting dimensions are repeatable and less porous