Custom Medical Machining

Avocet Sales & Marketing will provide a solution to any of your Medical Machining needs. We work with you to develop the design and production process that will ensure you get the level of precision and product quality that you require. Our principal manufacturing partners, Lisi Medical, Remmele is a recognized leader in the custom medical machining industry. 

Machined Spinal Assembly

Machined Spinal Assembly

Lisi Medical, Remmele has the capacity to provide dedicated cell workshops for product lines that require exclusive manufacturing facilities. The company adheres to extremely high standards for quality throughout the engineering, design, and production processes. With certification for most ISO 9001 and AS9100 standards as well as a number of OEM internal standards, Lisi Medical, Remmele can handle any medical machining project that is presented to them. 

Avocet Sales & Marketing has the opportunity to work with clients in a number of medical device fields, including dental, drug infusion, endoscopy, orthopedic, laparoscopy, and spinal implant. We facilitate a working partnership between our clients and Lisi Medical, Remmele to ensure all components meet quality standards, and that timelines and budgets are strictly adhered to. Through our relationships with Lisi Medical, Remmele, available medical machining capabilities include:

Prototype Development & Certification

Partnership with device makers for rapid prototype development and design certification.

Intrinsync™ Engineering

Machined IVUS Housing

Machined IVUS Housing

A process designed around client and manufacturing collaboration. The benefits of this process include reductions in product revisions, cost avoidance, increased product performance, quality assurance, and limited schedule interference.

Precision Machining

Custom machining offerings that can accommodate extremely tight tolerances and difficult geometries using 3, 4, 5, and 6-access milling equipment.

Lean Manufacturing

Effective management of throughput for streamlined production.

Quality Systems

Internal quality management throughout the production process. Independent certification to ISO 13485: 2003, ISO 9001: 2008 Certified.

Process Validation

Probably the most critical portion of medical machining today is the validation of the manufacturing process.  Avocet and Lisi Medical, Remmele will work with you to develop a Validation Plan and complete this important part of the manufacturing requirements.