Offshore Contract Manufacturing

Avocet Sales & Marketing, servicing Northern California and Northwestern Nevada, has made it possible to secure the products and services you require at prices that make sense for your business. Through our offshore contract manufacturing principals we can guarantee world class quality and on-time production with the added advantage of cost savings. From the production of individual components to complete turnkey manufacturing systems, you can expect comprehensive supply chain management and continuous quality control from our offshore manufacturing company.



Hong Kong based Contract Manufacturer

Xenitek International Inc. Ltd, provides extensive manufacturing services that range from individual parts to complete turnkey assemblies. They are recognized for their world-class attention to quality, thorough process validation, and effective schedule management.

PacRim Manufacturing

Stress-free offshore manufacturing since 1994

What if offshore manufacturing was as convenient as working with the factory down the street?  What if every order met spec and arrived on time?  PacRim makes it a reality.  Sound too good to be true?  Talk to the customers who have been working with us for 10 years, 15 years, and longer.  We’ll meet all your needs for electronics, injection molding, metal fabrication, product assembly, and more.