Leak Testing

Fully Automated Leak Detection Line

Fully Automated Leak Detection Line

Avocet Sales & Marketing, in association with Cincinnati Test Systems and Sciemetric, can provide world-class leak detection systems and equipment in Northern California and Northwestern Nevada. Leak detection and assembly testing equipment are important for OEMs and other manufacturers in a variety of industries. Testing during manufacturing can aid in the reduction of costs through the identification of any defects or leaks prior to further assembly. Quality assurance and performance parameters may also be verified through the use of leak detection equipment.

Leak detection systems from Cincinnati Test Systems and Sciemetric are available for a number of applications across many industries. Varied manufacturing processes and industries require specific parameters for technology and testing types that can be met through customized testing systems.


Leak Detection Systems

Avocet Sales & Marketing will work with you to find the Leak Detection System that will function optimally for your manufacturing needs. Utilizing the expertise available from Cincinnati Test Systems, you will have access to world-class test and assembly verification with the following systems technology:

CTS Sentinel Black Belt Leak Tester

CTS Sentinel Black Belt Leak Tester

  • Helium Mass Spectrometer Systems – A Leak Detection System that tests for small leaks by measuring the number of Helium molecules that escape from a part over a given period of time.

  • Mass Flow Systems – A Leak Detection System that tests for leaks by measuring the mass flow of air entering and leaving a part.

  • Pressure Sensitive Systems (Pressure/Vacuum Decay) – Leak Detection Systems that test for leaks in components with relatively small volumes by measuring the change in pressure overtime.

  • Differential Pressure Systems – Leak Detection Systems that measure volume ratio changes over time.

  • Occlusion Testing - Leak testing systems that are designed to ensure that there are no blockages, as for example in catheters or other small tubing.


When large part volumes (up to 1,000,000cc) are being tested, leading automotive OEMs, off-highway equipment makers and industrial manufacturers employ Sciemetric’s 3520 Series Leak Tester. The 3520 Series supports a wide range of tests, including:

3520-series - Copy.png
  • Pressure decay

  • Vacuum

  • Flow

  • Blockage

  • Volume measurement

  • Burst testing

  • Helium evacuate and fill

  • Customizable pressure and flow sequencing