Membrane Switches

Membrane Switch

Membrane Switch

Nelson-Miller, with facilities in the USA and China, is a world-class manufacturer and supplier of membrane switches, nameplates and graphic overlays, touch screens, rubber keypads and plastic keypads, plastic injection molding, fabricated sheet metal, light guides, LCD’s and electronic sub-assemblies.  Take advantage of Nelson-Miller’s skilled engineers to support the development, launch and production of your products,

Avocet Sales & Marketing works with innovative industry leader Nelson-Miller for Membrane Switches and Conductive Rubber Switches. The team at Avocet Sales & Marketing has the industry experience to ensure that you select the optimal membrane switches for your specific application. Whether you are looking for a membrane switch for a custom component in Northern California or Northwestern Nevada, or a switch that is seamlessly integrated with a circuit board, display screen, and nameplate, we can devise a solution for you.

Developing Membrane Switches

Membrane Switch

Membrane Switch

Membrane switch assemblies consist of multiple layers of flexible materials that usually include a graphic element and circuit board that have been assembled using adhesives or mechanical components. The switches serve as an interface that offers a tactile response for human to machine interactions.

We can work with you to develop the optimal mix of materials, adhesives, shielding, and mounting options for your membrane switches. With careful consideration given to the environment that the membrane switches will operate in, you can be confident knowing that your custom switch will perform successfully. Membrane switch assemblies can be embossed or texturized for optimal sensitivity. There are also options for adding LEDs or resistors to the assemblies.

Membrane Switch Materials

Available materials for membrane switches include:

  • Polycarbonate
  • Polyester
  • AcrylicMaterials

By working with Nelson-Miller, Avocet Sales & Marketing can facilitate the membrane switch customization that your company is looking for. Nelson-Miller, with plants in the US and Asia, has the capacity to produce custom technical and graphic design with precision color matching, as well as customized PCBs, molded boxes, backplates, and circuit testing.

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