Dental Cages

Dental Cages

The medical industry requires high precision components that are manufactured using validated medical machining and automation processes. Repeatability is vital for the success of any medical company. Avocet Sales & Marketing has a number of carefully selected principals that can manufacture medical devices, implantable devices, surgical equipment, diagnostic equipment and other medical components for OEMs in Northern California and Northwestern Nevada, with the levels of accuracy and innovation the medical industry requires.

Avocet Sales & Marketing Serves the Medical Industry With these principals

Lisi Medical, Remmele

Machined IVUS Housing

Machined IVUS Housing

Lisi Medical, Remmele is a respected leader in providing precision machining and manufacturing services. The company is known for their focus on quality and innovation throughout their engineering and manufacturing operations. Lisi Medical, Remmele is ISO 13485:2003 / 9001:2008 certified. You can trust Lisi Medical, Remmele to effectively manage any of your medical machining, from prototype to full scale production.

ATC, Automation Tool Corporation

ATC Automation provides a variety of cost effective assembly and test solutions for the medical industry. The company has extensive experience in providing reliable and flexible automation systems for the medical industry, including: device assembly, catheter assembly & testing, sharps handling, contact lenses, insulin delivery devices, sleep apnea treatment devices, diagnostic device assembly, and syringe assembly. ATC Automation adheres to GAMP Guidelines, Master Validation Planning & Development, Validation Testing – DQ/IQ/OQ/PT, and is ISO 9001:2000 certified.


Dukane is a respected manufacturer of plastic welding equipment including UltraSonic Welders, Vibration Welders, Hot Plate Welders, and Spin welders. The company offers innovative solutions for technology challenges in the medical industry. Dukane serves markets worldwide with their intelligent assembly solutions. The company is ISO 9001 certified.


Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) has been serving the medical industry with their world-class leak test and assembly verification solutions since 1981. Market applications for the medical industry include testing and assembly of catheters & syringes, dental devices, flasks, scopes, dispensing devices, pumps & valves, intravenous delivery systems, implantable devices, and filters.


Sciemetric’s in-process testing solutions allow you to test and record data for every part at every critical stage of medical manufacturing, so defects are caught as they occur—before they get to the end of the line, or worse, to the consumer. Combined with Sciemetric’s Data Intelligence tools, medical manufacturers are able to enhance the birth history record to include manufacturing quality compliance data for every device you build.