Custom Components

Avocet Sales & Marketing has developed a network of reliable and diverse Principals through which custom parts, automation, and assemblies for a wide range of industrial manufacturing applications are sourced. In order to provide a comprehensive range of products, materials, and services at competitive prices, Avocet works with both Domestic and Offshore Manufacturing companies.


Harvey Vogel

Metal Stamping, Fabrication, Machining, Water Jet Cutting

Metal Stamping experts for quality fabrication services since 1942. Harvey Vogel can produce parts in quantities from toolless prototypes, to low cost tooled parts in short to medium run production quantities. Their special niche is short run, low cost tooling for difficult parts in quantities of 1,000 pieces to 50,000 pieces annually.


Membrane Switches, Rubber Keypads, Nameplates, Overlays

With approximately 270 domestic employees, a national sales team serving the entire United States, and off-shore capabilities, Nelson-Miller, Inc. has become the most capable global supplier of membrane switches, silicone rubber keypads, graphic overlays, metal nameplates, light guides, modules, assemblies as well as the leading innovative solutions provider for custom applications.

Lisi Medical, Remmele

High Precision Medical Machined parts

Lisi Medical is committed to excellence in the manufacture of medical devices related to human life improvement, including, Spinal Implants, Minimally Invasive Surgery Components, Drug Infusion, Dental Implants, Vascular Devices, Urology Devices and more.


Metal Stampings & Springs

As the largest stamping and spring company in Northern California, Scandic is a comprehensive source for custom metal parts, offering:

  • Engineering and spring design

  • Raw material guidance

  • Heat-treating and plating information

Scandic can handle your project from prototyping to soft tooling to hard tooling for millions of parts.  In production, most work is high volume, produced on Progressive Stamping Dies or high volume Spring and Four Slide equipment.  Parts small enough to require microscopic inspection to parts as large as 2-3 feet all fit within their manufacturing envelope.

VACCO Industries

Chemical Etching

Whether the process is called Photo Etching, Photo Machining, Chemical Milling, Photofabrication, or Metal Etching, customers around the world are familiar with VACCO. Their expertise in Precision Photo Etching is complemented with their other in-house operations such as Diffusion Bonding, Adhesive Bonding, and Micro Laser Processes.

Harmony Castings


Harmony Castings brings a new dimension to aluminum casting with V-Process, which produces finer finishes and tighter, repeatable tolerances as compared to conventional Sand Castings, at a comparable or lower price for aerospace, energy, lighting, medical, military and transportation industries.