Nameplates, Displays, and Graphic Overlays

Domed Nameplate

Domed Nameplate

Nelson-Miller, with facilities in the USA and China, is a world-class manufacturer and supplier of Human-Machine interfaces including membrane switches, nameplates and graphic overlays, touch screens, rubber keypads and plastic keypads, plastic injection molding, fabricated sheet metal, light guides, LCD’s and electronic sub-assemblies.  Take advantage of Nelson-Miller’s skilled engineers to support the development, launch and production of your products.

Avocet Sales & Marketing will ensure a successful solution to any needs you may have for graphic overlays, nameplates, and displays in Northern California or Northwestern Nevada. We have the opportunity to partner with Nelson-Miller, a recognized leader in the design and manufacturing of premium labeling and display options. You have access to comprehensive design, engineering, and manufacturing under one roof; making it possible to get nameplates, graphic overlays, and displays in a very short time period. The company adheres to all ISO standards, for product quality assurance.

Capabilities for Custom Nameplates



Nameplates are an ideal labeling option for applications where resilience to environmental impact and a long product life are important. Nameplates can include graphics and a wide range of colors, as well as alphanumeric fonts and bar codes in many types, sizes and densities. A number of standard and customized nameplate options are available through Avocet Sales & Marketing and Nelson-Miller, including:

  • Domed Labels
  • Military Grade Labels
  • OEM Specified Labels
  • UID Labels that are specified for Department of Defense criteria
  • Serialized or Bar Coded Labels
  • A Variety of Metals: Aluminum, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel, and others
  • Lexan®
  • Polyester

Avocet Sales & Marketing’s relationship with Nelson-Miller makes it possible for you to have access to metal work and fabrication that is all in-house, making it possible to process orders quickly and efficiently. Nelson-Miller’s state-of-the-art facilities enable them to provide a number of value-added processes for nameplates, including:

  • Permanent imprinting on metal
  • Copy carve (diamond cut)
  • Serialization and bar coding
  • Photo engraving
  • Hot stamping
  • Embossing
  • Anodizing
  • Chemical Etching
  • Die cutting (steel ruled dies / Class A hard tools)
  • Front & back printing

Capabilities for Displays

Specialized touch screen displays are available through Avocet Sales & Marketing and Nelson-Miller. A custom touch screen can transform an average display into an interactive resource. Variations include 4-wire display models, 5-wire display models, and LCD displays. Each display provides varied levels of surface acoustic and tactile sensitivity. We have engineering and design staff that can guide you in developing the ideal display solutions to meet your needs.

Capabilities for Graphic Overlays

Avocet Sales & Marketing has been working with Nelson-Miller to provide custom graphic overlays for a variety of industry uses. The graphic overlays can be produced using digital printing or silk screen printing. The digital printing process provides accurate printing in full color with abbreviated set up and production times. This process is used in all prototyping due to its short run convenience. Silk screen printing is optimal for producing high volume projects at a more economical price. The process requires more time for set up and production, but still produces accurate and colorful finished overlays. Our design staff and engineering team can work with you to create a graphic overlay solution that will be the ideal fit for your needs.